There is one Librarian for this institute. Present library room is sufficient for the students as well as for the staff members. There are sufficient books available in the library such as technical& non-technical. Reading material (Technical) required for the trainees and instructional staff arranged from the National Instructional Media Institute Chennai (approved by the DGE&T), CST ARI (Central staff training and research institute), Regional Director of Apprentice Training (RDAT) Kanpur and other private publisher whose books will provide sufficient material to staff & trainees. Latest syllabus for the trade running in the institute under craftsmen Training scheme is available in the library. In addition to Technical, books/ other Magazine books in Hindi and Punjabi/ English along with daily newspapers are also coming regularly. Updating the Library such as addition of more furniture, books etc. is under action




To provide first aid to the students as well as staff. All required medicines are available in the Dispensary. One Pharmacist & two Dresser are posted at the institute as per the requirements. Time to time Medical check up / blood Groupings of the students is done every year, with the assistance of Red Cross/other Social organizations (NGO). Seminars, lectures on health related topics like AIDS, Drug Addiction & General fitness are also being conducted regularly





Industrial Training Institute, Bathinda has got two Platone of NCC. It enrols LOC Cadets every year. N.C.C Training is imparted to the Cadets/Students under the 20 Punjab by Bathinda



NCC helps the students in Army Training Youth Development, Adventure Activities etc.



Opportunity for personality development.



Benefits and reservation of seats in professional colleges implemented by some states and under consideration by others.



32 Seats per course reserved for 'C' certificate holders for entry into HMA through UPSC and SSB for each course.



50 Seats reserved for 'C' certificate holders for entry in OTA channe for short service commission, UPSA written examination exampled.



Six Vacancies per course for grant of comission in nevy for 'C' certificate holders with examption for UPSC written examination.



10% Vacancies for direct entry all branches including Flying branch with exemption UPSC examination.

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